Workshops and lectures

Fall 2022

Dale presented a film appreciation series, “Senior Moments,” 
Oct. 3 – Nov. 7, 2022
UNCSA Gold Theatre, ACE Exhibition Complex, UNCSA campus

July 2022

This is a podcast that I did with Lovinder Gill, a former mentee and student of mine, who taught Screenwriting at UNCSA School of Filmmaking and now has a book coming out called “Scriptcake Secrets: the Top 10 Mistakes Novice Screenwriters Make and How to Fix Them”

Interview with Dale Pollock – Producer, Author, Professor, Film School Dean and more.

July 2022

Dale is curating the WEICHOLZ GLOBAL FILM SERIES at AN APPALACHIAN SUMMER FESTIVAL:  “From a Child’s Point of View”

Friday, July 8:  “Playground” (Un Monde)

Wednesday, July 13:   “Belfast”

Wednesday, July 20:  “When Pomegranates Howl”

Thursday, July 28:  “On the Water” (Vee Peal)

Here is a recording of Dale’s “Lunch and Learn” on 7/14 at The Tulchin Center for Visual Arts in Boone, part of the Appalachian Summer Festival:


February-March 2020

Emeritus professor Dale Pollock presented a film appreciation series entitled My Life in Hollywood.

Dale Pollock produced 12 feature films in 10 years, from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, and is proud in some way of each of them.

May 2019

Crystal Symphony Cruise Tahiti to New Zealand: “Will Movies Survive in the 21st Century?”

 December 2018-January 2019

Azamara Journey:  Cuba and the Caribbean

November-December 2018

Sea Dream:  Lisbon to Marigot

March-April 2018

Azamara Journey: Borneo, Vietnam and Thailand

October-November 2018

UNCSA Community Film Appreciation:  “Reinventing Film Noir”

October-November 2017

UNCSA Community Film Appreciation:  “Great Films of the ’70s”

May 2017

Judging South Davie Middle School film class

February-March 2017

Wake Forest University Lifelong Learning class:

“Black and White: Race and Image in American Film”

December 2016-January 2017

Dale gave six lectures on Indonesian-themed films during the 14-day cruise to Singapore and Indonesia, including “How to Watch a Movie” and “Ethics in Film”: 

Dale Ethics lecture

October-November, 2016

UNCSA Community Film Appreciation: The Coen Brothers

September-October, 2016


September 11 – Meet John Doe

September 18 –  The Candidate

September 25 – Wag the Dog

October 2 – Street Fight

October 9 – Weiner

April 18, 2016:

Final class of “Movie Musicals,” Spring, 2016:

Coen Brothers lecture, Spring 2016

April 20, 2015

Dale interviews Robert Townsend at RiverRun Film Festival:

January 27, 2015

A quick video clip of Dale M. Pollock discussing Alfred Hitchcock’s Stangers on a Train at Arbor Acres, Winston Salem, North Carolina:



Dale M. Pollock offers a variety of workshops, seminars and classes, both site-specific and online. He has taught How to Watch a Movie at various venues, such as art museums, private clubs, schools and retirement communities. This seminar, along with How A Movie Gets Made, can be customized for the Intended audience and venue, such as cruises and Elderhostel. The appropriate audiovisual equipment can be provided. Dale also offers one day, weekend and week-long workshops in Creative Producing, Film Ethics, and Film History and Appreciation.

Why do you watch a movie? For entertainment? To learn? To be enlightened? To be moved or touched? To be scared?

More than 80,000 American feature films have been made. So many reasons, so many kinds of movies.

When you’re watching a movie and you have to ask someone, “What did he say?” or “What just happened?” the movie flows on and chances are good you’ll miss something else important while you’re asking the question or listening to the answer. A movie flows through time like a river carrying you toward your destination.

Dale has developed an interesting and informative workshop that can take place in one day, three days or five days. How to Watch a Movie allows audience members to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the art of cinema, in much the same way someone would participate in a fine arts appreciation class, or a book club.  Dale presents either clips or an entire feature to illustrate the key elements of screenwriting, direction, cinematography, editing, production design and music in the feature film. The screenings are preceded by a lecture, and followed by a directed discussion on the film and the craft being explored.

Price Structure:

Evening Seminar – $1,500
2 hours

One-day presentation – $2,500
6 hours, with 2 breaks and lunch

Three day presentation – $5,000
2 hours each night

Six day presentation – $10,000
one feature film per night


Film producer, film school dean and film expert Dale Pollock offers a unique and specialized half-day, one-day or weekend seminar on How to Get a Movie Made in today’s ever-changing film business.

Pollock, a Hollywood veteran and teacher for the past 32 years, offers an enlightening overview and detailed, realistic assessments on how to:

** acquire and develop big or small screen content **

** ready a screenplay for sale and production **

** navigate the stormy waters of film or digital video production **

** finish a movie using the latest digital and computer-generated effects and processes**

** sell a film successfully to rise above the clutter of media saturation**

Illustrated with film clips and personal examples from Pollock’s 13 produced featured films, the How to Get a Movie Made seminar is ideally suited for film organizations who desire a better understanding of the dynamics and practices of the American film industry.

This seminar is also accessible to individuals who enjoy cinema and are interested in what actually takes place during the filmmaking process. No extensive knowledge of the film industry is necessary to enjoy and learn from this well-honed seminar – only an interest in and love for the movies.

This is not a workshop in the physical process of filmmaking – there are no cameras, no stage and no equipment. But participants will leave with a deep and accurate understanding of the state of moviemaking today, why some films succeed and others don’t, and what can increase a filmmaker’s odds of success.

Price structure:

Half-day Seminar – $3500
3 hours, with 15-minute break

Full-day Seminar – $5,000
6 hours, with 2 15-mInute breaks, lunch

Weekend Seminar – $10,000
Informal presentation Friday night, 6 hours Saturday, 4 hours Sunday


Dale offers expert advice and knowledge about the commerciality of film scripts, projects, completed films and other media content. Services are tailored to the individual needs of the client, and should be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Dale M. Pollock about Consulting Services.