No Escape (2015)

Movie a Day Blog feels bad for Owen Wilson these days. After a strong career comeback in Woody Allen’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011, Movie a Day 6/20/11), he made two films that were highly anticipated and barely registered:  ARE YOU HERE (2013), directed by “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, and SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY (2014), […]

Phoenix (2014)

Movie a Day Blog has a new favorite European actress: Nina Hoss, who I am dubbing the Meryl Streep of contemporary German cinema, given the astonishing breadth and depth of her screen performances. Hoss grabbed the screen in BARBARA (2012), directed by Christian Petzold, playing a cynical East German doctor banished to a small town […]

American Ultra

Movie a Day Blog doesn’t know what to make of AMERICAN ULTRA (2015, Theatrical), it’s such an oddball film. An uneasy marriage of stoner humor and extreme violence (hence the only justification for one of the worst titles of the year), ULTRA raises the question that similar films such as PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (2008) and KICK-ASS […]

White God

This post will contain Spoilers. Movie a Day Blog has been a sucker for great dog movies ever since OLD YELLER (1957) made me dissolve into tears as a seven-year-old, an embarrassing incident in the neighborhood theater. WHITE GOD (2014, Netflix DVD) is a unique entry in a genre that stretches back to Rin-Tin-Tin, famously […]

The Skeleton Twins

Movie a Day Blog was not initially a fan of Bill Hader’s. I saw occupying a very narrow comedy corridor of meek geekness, without much range. Several films have now proven me wrong, the latest being THE SKELETON TWINS (2014, Netflix Streaming), which I finally caught up with after missing its brief theatrical run. Along […]

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Movie a Day Blog thought FANTASTIC FOUR (2015, Movie a Day 8/9/15) would at least take the summer honors for the worst film released, but THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (2015, Theatrical) will give it stiff competition. Guy Ritchie has seen his directing career has gone steadily downhill since his in-your-face-with-a-British-sneer debut films, LOCK, STOCK AND […]

Straight Outta Compton

Movie a Day Blog has a special interest in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON (2015, Theatrical), the viscerally effective biopic of NWA, the pioneering hip-hop rap group of the mid-1980s. The reason is director F. Gary Gray, who directed a film I produced, SET IT OFF (1996), starring Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett as blue collar bank […]

Irrational Man

Movie a Day Blog sees Woody Allen, aging but still regularly churning out a movie a year, as the Yo-Yo Man of contemporary cinema: up with one film, down with the next. His latest, IRRATIONAL MAN (2015, Theatrical) is somewhere in between the recent extremes of BLUE JASMINE (2013) and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011, Movie […]

Fantastic Four (2015)

Movie a Day Blog sees a lot of movies. Some are good, some are bad. Few are truly bad, and few of the truly bad are as awful as the latest Marvel reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR (2015, Theatrical). This is all the more disappointing given that the co-writer and director is Josh Trank, who directed […]

Shaun the Sheep

Movie a Day Blog is a huge fan of Aardman Animation in England, creator of numerous WALLACE AND GROMIT shorts and features, along with the title character of SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE (2015, Theatrical). Diehards may claim that no one can replace the zonked-out Wallace and his brilliant dog Gromit, but Shaun makes a strong […]