Shaun the Sheep

Movie a Day Blog is a huge fan of Aardman Animation in England, creator of numerous WALLACE AND GROMIT shorts and features, along with the title character of SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE (2015, Theatrical). Diehards may claim that no one can replace the zonked-out Wallace and his brilliant dog Gromit, but Shaun makes a strong […]

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Movie a Day Blog thinks that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies have become as much a feature of summertime as outdoor barbecues and picnic tables. Sure enough, here comes ageless Tom Cruise, running in his manic way throughout MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION (2015, Theatrical)), a title with more punctuation than most texts or tweets. I actually […]

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

Movie a Day Blog was never quite the Thomas Hardy fan; give me Charles Dickens and his comic English peculiarities over Hardy’s dour and hardworking Yorkshire men and women. Still, when strongly suggested as an alternative to the summer’s witless faction are, this latest version of FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD (2015) proved both more […]


Movie a Day Blog has to go to full disclosure mode to discuss any film directed by David Gordon Green: I became dean of the North Carolina School of the Arts film school right after his graduation in 1998, and I have dined with him, interviewed him and enjoyed his work since his career began. […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

For the Movie a Day Blog, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015, Theatrical in 3D) was one of this summer’s most anticipated films. I worship at the altar of Australian writer-director George Miller, whose entire career has confounded expectations and accomplishments. Who else could make a film like the original MAD MAX (1979), the post-apocalyptic thriller […]


Movie a Day Blog has long been fascinated by Japanese cinema. Its incredible sense of innovation within a very formalist structure and society is remarkable. HARAKIRI (1962, Criterion Collection, Netflix DVD) offers testimony to this success with a precise, carefully measured tale of ritual suicide by disembowlment, overt class discrimination and a samurai willing to […]

The Gunman (2015)

Movie a Day Blog can’t figure out what’s going on with Sean Penn. He makes an odd, disheveled presentation at the Oscars, and now he’s trying to be Liam Neeson. That’s really the only explanation possible for the existence of THE GUNMAN (2015, Theatrical), which Penn produced (with Joel Silver, no less!) as well as […]

Alan Partridge (2013)

Movie a Day Blog understands that Steve Coogan can be an acquired taste. When I was first exposed to his very British sense of perpetual outrage, I found him a bit insufferable. But having enjoyed his two road movies, THE TRIP (2010) and THE TRIP TO ITALY (2014, Movie a Day 9/17/14), and admired his […]

Cinderella (2015)

Movie a Day Blog went to CINDERELLA (2015, Theatrical) grudgingly, wondering aloud why in God’s name we needed another Cinderella movie. Hadn’t she just been parodied in INTO THE WOODS (2014, Movie a Day 12/19/14)? Hasn’t Disney made multiple animated versions after the classic 1950 original, several going direct to home video? Does it always […]

The Boxtrolls

Movie a Day Blog has a special admiration for the Laika animation studio in Portland, OR. They do, in my opinion, the best stop-motion animation in today’s marketplace, although there’s plenty of growing competition. THE BOXTROLLS (2014, Netflix) isn’t one of their best movies — I personally prefer CORALINE (2009) and PARANORMAN (2012, Movie a […]